17 Voluntaries vol.7 for organ
von Caleb Simper

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Komponist/Autor: Caleb Simper
Verlag: Stainer & Bell Ltd.
Verlagsnummer: 16016
EAN: 9790220213830
ISMN: M-2202-1383-0
A prolific composer of Victorian church music, Caleb Simper was a humble
musician whose choral works sold in vast quantities, rightly deserving their
publishers accolade as being sung throughout the civilised world. Born in
Wiltshire in 1857, Simper was largely self-taught. He attempted a number of
professions, including piano tuning, before finding his vocation as an
organist. As with his choral music, of which he wrote 162 anthems under his
own name and many others under the pseudonym of Edwyn A Clare, his organ
voluntaries offer playable and practical music for organists of limited
technical ability on two staves.
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